Mugabe did not handle the economy too well. The economy failed to grow more often than not, and the macroeconomic indicators were not always too good either. Inflation was actually greatly mismanaged,

If we look at the data on inflation (consumer price index, cpi), for Zimbabwe, we can see inflation was high but not terribly so, before Mugabe took power, it increased by more than 80 times in 25 years (1978-2003) and than it grew by 56 times from the level recorded in 2003 to the level registered in 2007.

This graphs diplays how CPI grew in the 1978-2003 period

This shows how it grew from 2003 to 2006

This shows how it grew from 2006 to 2007

and this puts it all together.


The alarming thing about this graph is that inflation was so high in 2007 that even a CPI of 140 or 430 per cent a year seems to be close to zero….

This is how inflation was handled and this is something that those who now celebrating Mugabe the hero, Mugabe the elder stateman, should probably take a look at these and similar numbers and curb their enthusiasm.