The editorial board of African Politics and Policy decided to launch a call for papers. Papers up to 3000 words can be submitted as research notes, while manuscripts from 3000 to 7500 words will have to be submitted as articles.
African Politics and Policy is interested in publishing on a wide range of policy and political issues including
1. strengthening legislatures in Africa: prospects and challenges
2. Women in Parliament: the African experience
3. the state of African legislatures
4. Oversight, transparency and accountability in Africa.
5. Public participation in law making process in the African context.
6. African politics.
7. Policy reforms in Africa.
8. Migration of Africans
9. Role of Legislature, judiciary and executive in Africa
10. Party politics with specific reference to the African experience with hegemonic parties and party systems
Scholars, practitioners and researchers who may wish to submit their notes and articles for publication, should register themselves as authors ( and can then proceed to submit their papers.
Papers should all be using the Harvard citation style