by Frans Thoka

In the artwork, titled Hope, I talk about a two-year-old Nigerian boy who was left on Nigerian streets to die. His parents abandoned him. The parents mentioned that the boy was a |”curse”. Nobody in the community cared about him. Everyone called him a “witch boy”.

The reason I chose to portray the boy comes from Franz Kafka’s’ book, Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis talks about a young man who turned into a bug. The man was a breadwinner in his family. However, after he transformed into a bug, his family started treating him in an unhealthy way. That shows the impact of status.

The two events, of the Nigerian boy and in Kafka’s book, got me questioning my inner self. In the human world, what makes a human humane? Is it the behaviour or the things that a human possesses? With the mark making, I symbolise the difficulties Hope has been through and as well as his endurance. The chair he is sitting in almost gives him a royal status. With the artwork, I celebrate the boy’s existence and of a woman that adopted him. However, the question is what makes a human humane? Is it his status or the behaviour?