The highest number of cases of any outbreak was recorded by the cholera outbreak that started on June 7, 2017 and that has made 27927 cases since.

The measles outbreak, that erupted in DRC on January 10, 2017, has reached a total of 23979 cases, while the cholera outbreak that hit DRC on January 16, 2015 has made 21112 cases.

These three outbreaks are also the deadliest in terms of the number of casualties that they have caused.  The cholera outbreak in DRC has killed 691 of the 21112 people who contracted the disease, the cholera outbreak in Nigeria has caused 517 casualties, while the measles outbreak in DRC has made 273 casualties.

Each of these outbreaks had many cases but a relatively low percentage of deadly cases.

There have been other diseases, however, that while fairly contained in terms of number of cases, had a very high percentage of deadly cases.

Ebola in DRC has killed 113 of the 177 individuals who contracted the disease (63.8 %). Lassa fever killed 13 of the 29 individuals who had contracted the diseases (44.8%) in Liberia, while it killed 27.7 per cent of the 520 Nigerians who had the disease. The Rift Valley fever killed 34.7 per cent of the 23 individuals who contracted the disease in Uganda, but only 11.6 per cent of those who contracted it in Kenya.

The ongoing Plague outbreak in Madagascar has been fairly, and fortunately, well contained: 31 cases and 6 deaths.