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What is Tanzania doing????

A governor in Tanzania launched a crusade against homosexuals and 20 people were arrested for possibly being homosexuals.

The international community complained, the Tanzanian government said that it did not support in any way the anti-homosexuals crusade, but then 10 more people were arrested in Zanzibar.

The government does not mind the free press, but it has taken steps to curb the freedoms of social media, journals online and in print have been closed down and suspended, and most recently, two foreign journalists were arrested.

From February onward opposition politicians have been harassed, arrested, shotm wounded and murdered. Most recently Hon. Zitto Kabwe was arrested.

Harassment of the press, of the opposition, and of minorities are not and should not be the top priorities for the Tanzanian government. President Magufuli should focus on the economy, on growth, development, poverty reduction, the quality of education, infrastructures, employment, and so on.

President Magufuli will cement his legacy as a great African stateman only if he can improve the quality of life of his fellow Tanzanians and, in our modest opinion, free press, homosexuals, and opposition members are not what prevents Tanzanian economy from growing at a faster pace.

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