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Food security index

The Food security index measures the level of food security in 113 countries worldwide. On the basis of these estimates countries can be ranked in terms of how food secure they are.

Singapore, Ireland and the United Kingdom are the three most food secure countries in the world, followed by USA, Netherlands and Australia. In this ranking France is 10th, Germany is 11th, Japan is 18th, Spain is 20th, Italy is 23rd, Russia is 42nd and Kazakhstan is 57th.

Most African countries are near the bottom of the rankings, but not all. South Africa is 45th, only three places behind Russia, Botswana is 52nd that is 5 places ahead of Kazakhstan.

All the other African countries included in this ranking fall in the bottom half: Ghana is 73rd, Ivory Coast s 81st, Kenya and Senegal come in 87th position, Uganda is 89th, Benin is 90th, Angola is 92nd, Rwanda and Togo come in 93rd position, Nigeria is 96th, Burkina Faso is 97th, Tanzania is 98th, Sudan is 99th, Ethiopia is 100th, Mozambique 101st. Guinea 102nd,  Niger and Zambia are 104th, Malawi is 107th, Chad is 108th, Sierra Leone is 109th, Madagascar is 111th, DRC is 112th and Burundi is 113th.

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