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Russian sailors in Cape Verde

It was the summer of 1992…i was scuba diving in Cape Verde, in the Island of Sal…There was a village or a group of houses close to the dead volcanos i think in the North of the Islands, a small airport, a big crater turned into a salt mine, a chinese restaurant, a pizza place and two hotels, other than a third one operated by Aeroflot.

I was swimming along the shore when someone started screaming. I returned from the beach thinking that some tiger shark was trying to turn me into an afternoon snack.

The man, from what i understood, was a Russian sailor. The plane was going to Brazil or coming back from Brazil and had to make an emergency landing. He offered to give me some swimming lesson, but I told him that my swimming was perfecty fine. And after length, pointless negotiation, the sailor was willing to sell his kalashnikov. I refused, he got angry and left cursing..

Russian sailors, always adorable, and always carrying the most unexpected and phenomenally illeagal goods..God bless them…ahahah


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