Few months ag we reported that the Tanzanian government was worried about the fact that it was not collecting much money from (the extraction and the export) of Tanzanite. We also reported that gemstone miners were invited to pay compensation and overdue taxes. We noted that the government was planning to build a wall to prevent Tanzanite from being stolen and to scrutinize more carefully how and how much Tanzanite was extracted and exported–so that it could collect a better revenue from the precious gemstone. And it became immediately clear that these measures were working.

In November 2018 we then reported that the government’s effort paid off and “that Tanzanite revenues rose to Tsh1.28 billion ($460,987) in September, from a low of Tsh166 million ($74,439) registered in January 2015, thanks to new laws and regulations that have seen better reporting of exports and increased payment of royalties to the government”

But while one has to praise the government for its ability to increase its revenue, one would be also equally (if not more) happy to know the government spends the money in a transparent, responsive and accountable manner. Yet, this does not seem to be the case. Millions or possibly billions of tax payers money are unaccounted for. Worse,  the Auditor General drafted a report on the missing money, the Public Accounts Committee failed to do its job, and the money is still missing and unaccounted for.

The PAC failed to do its job, the Speaker of the House failed to do her job, and if the money is really missing then the government has failed to bring good governance to the good people of Tanzania. And in a serious countries, the voters should take notice of this, and make sure to vote this government out of office in the next elections.