Robert Mugabe, former president of Zimbabwe, is dead. He died at the age of 95, in Singapore, where he was receiving treatment.

Regarded by some as a hero, Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for nearly 40 years. While the press, or some articles in the press noted that his legacy is mixed, the economic record of his administration was simply atrocious. During his tenure in office Zimbabwe experienced one of the highest inflation rates in the history of human kind, while Zimbabwe managed to become incresingly poorer.

To make matters worse, and leaving aside the issue of race relations, Mugabe allowed corruption to flourish, allowed the country’s mineral wealth to dissipated, allowed diamonds worth billions of dollars to go unaccounted for, allowed his cronies to enrich themselves, and used his power to expand his and his family’s wealth.

Mugabe’s mistake greatly outnumber his accomplishments. He’d be remembered as someone who started with good intentions, but led the country to an economic hell from which Zimbabwe will struggle to escape for many more years to come.