In Guinea, a policeman and a protester were killed during  demonstrations against the proposed constitutional amendments, designed to allow the president to seek a third term in office. Four more people were shot and 38 were wounded.

Violence and deadly attacks are escalating in the Sahel. On January 1 49 people were killed in Burkina Faso and 39 in Mali;on March 23 160 people were killed in the Mopti region of Mali; on April  1 60 people were killed in Northern Burkinabe and 35 in Sobane Da (Mali). On October 4 more than 20 people were killed in Arbinda (Burkina Faso). Analysts noted that ‘violence related to local conflicts has reached unprecedented levels’ in the region.

The Leader of Boko Haram said that violence will continue as Boko Haram members are ready to fight to the death, while thousands of voters were not able to cast their ballot in the recent Mozambican elections because of insecurity.