In the past we have discussed the number of High Net Worth Individuals and their distribution.  We decided today to look at the rankings of African cities in terms of GDP.

Dar es Salaam in Tanzania has a GDP of about 8 billions US $, Kano in Nigeria has a GDP of 9 billions, Nairobi (Kenya) has a GDP worth 12 billions, Addis Ababa’s GDP is also estimated to be 12 billions, Kinshasa has a GDP of 17 billions, Luanda has a GDP of about 33 billions, Lagos has a GDP worth 35 billions, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa have a GDP of respectively 103 and 110 billions, while Cairo has a GDP of 145 billions.

Tokyo, New York, LA, London, Paris, San Francisco and Shangai are richer. Much richer.

But Cairo has a bigger GDP than Milan in Italy, and 3 African cities (Cairo, Johannesburg, Cape Town) have a GDP that is between two and three times the size of the GDP of Zurich (which is of 52 billions).

African cities are doing well. They are doing much better than people imagine.