On March 19, 2016 African Politics and Policy published an interview with Lamin Bojang, founder of the Gunjur Village Museum. After more than three years we decided to check how much progress has Lamin Bojang made with his Museum in Gunjur (the Gambia).

APP: Since we interviewed you,  many things have changed. The Gambia has  a new president, the museum was opened and it won an award. What else has changed? and how is the museum doing? what are the main challenges in running your museum?

LB: The main challenges of the museum at this moment is the termites. Tragically the existing building, being constructed from mud block and roof with traditional hum palm, are under constant attack from termites, causing structural damage which threaten the exhibits and building it self, therefore my self and and and Alan Patrick Kain honorary architect from England, we have develop a project proposal and a building plan to build a standard building cement building which is termite resistant and sustainable which can also accommodate visiting groups because some time when we have group of visitor from tour companies the building cannot be able to accommodate all of them at once, therefore through this project proposal we are looking for support from companies, phylantropist, individuals, government grants

APP: what are the accomplishments you’re most proud of?

LB: We are proud that as the newly established museum in The Gambia, it become the leading visiting museum in the country due to its uniqueness as the only museum established in  natural environment where you can experience and explore both natural and cultural history at the sane time

APP: How can we at African Politics and Policy help you and the museum?

LB: you can collaborate with us through your journal to give support to this significant project building or you can support the whole project activities and its budget

APP: Thank you Lamin, we at APP will try to do our best to support your wonderful museums. Keep well