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New year, old problems

In the past seven days 5 soldiers and 4 terrorists were killed in Nigeria; 6  soldiers and 19 terrorists were killed in Somalia; a suicide bomber killed 10 people  in Khartoum (Sudan); terrorists killed 36 people in Burkina Faso… that makes 80 victims in just a few days. The previous week al Shabaab killed a few more people in Mogadishu, while Boko Haram has cut Maiduguri off the grid.

In addition, and to make matters worse, lassa fever has killed 16 people in Ondo state (Nigeria),  while it is not yet clear whether the outbreak of cholera, recorded in eastern Uganda, has made any victims.

Terrorism kills, diseases kill, and hunger may soon turn deadly no just for those poor Sudanese lion but also for 71000 Basotho in Lesotho.

The economies of Sub Saharan Africa were expected to growth by 3.2 per cent in 2020. The World Bank believes that they will grow by 2.9 per cent, in the aggregate, and if all goes well. Starvation, diseases, terrorism, and death make it quite clear that it may be unrealistic to hope and assume that all is well because clearly it is not.

riccardo pelizzo

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