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Africa’s deadly diseases

Cholera: in week 3 there were 662 cases and 8 deaths in DRC; in week 4 there were 12 cases and 1 death in Cameroon and 168 cases in Ethiopia; in week 5 Kenya reported 81 new cases (which brings the total to 145 since January 1); in the two weeks from January 9 to January 24 Malawi had 3 cases.

Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF): from January 5 to February 2, there have been 14 cases and 7 deaths in Mali

Ebola: from February 2 to February 9 there were 10 cases and 7 new deaths. No new cases have been reported in the past 42 days in 23 regions.

Lassa Fever: Between 1 January and 2 February 2020, a cumulative total of 1 226 suspected cases,  365 confirmed cases and 47 death were reported in Nigeria.

Measles: in week 3 there were 21 suspected cases in Niger; in week 4 there were 229 suspected cases in Chad, 3484 in DRC and 839 in Ethiopia (where 6 deaths were also recorded); in week 5 there were 25 suspected cases in Liberia and 19 in Mali (where three cases were confirmed). From 1 to week 3 there were 4701 suspected cases, 24 confirmed cases and 23 deaths in South Sudan. From 1 to week 5 there were 922 suspected cases in Central African Republic. From January 13 to 24, 34 suspected cases were reported in Seychelles. Measles is reported from 43 districts in Cameroon.

Poliomyelitis: this week 12 new cases were reported in Angola, no new cases were reported in all the other countries that had previously been affected by the disease

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