Coronavirus was reported in Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and Senegal

Lassa Fever outbreak was reported in Benin

Since February 9, Nigeria had 324 news cases and 71 deaths due to Lassa Fever

Ebola in DRC is stable. The number of victims now stands at 2264

Meningitis:  From 9 December 2019 to 22 January 2020, a cumulative total of 83 cases with 13 deaths in Benin.

Cholera: In Cameroon there were 34 cases and 3 deaths, in the Democratic Republic of Congo there were 418 cases and 4 deaths in week 6; in Ethiopa there were 157 cases in week 6; in Kenya there were 62 cases in week 7; in Malawi there were 3 cases; in Mali here were 33 cases in week 8; in Mozambique there were 313 cases and 3 deaths since January 31, 2020.

Polio: Polio is a West African affair: there was 1 case in Benin, 2 in Togo, 6 in Ghana, and 3 in Ivory Coast

Measles: measles is reported from 43 districts in Cameroon; in Central African Republic there were 2515 cases in the first seven weeks of the year; Chad has recorded 621 cases; the Democratic Republic of Congo recorded 2529 cases and 22 deaths in week 6; a measles outbreak is ongoing n Ethiopia which registered 1873 cases n week 5; Liberia had 38 cases in week 7; Niger had 123 cases in week 5; Nigeria recorded 1618 cases in the first 5 weeks of the year ; Seychelles had 79 cases.

Yellow Fever: In January 2020 139 suspected yellow fever cases have been reported in Nigeria; 15 cases were reported in Uganda