There has been 1 case in Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Somalia, Niger, Gambia, Djibuti, Chad, Cabo Verde, Angola.

Two cases have been reported in Zambia, Mauritania, Liberia, Guinea, Benin, Sudan.

Three cases were detected in Namibia, Madagascar, Congo, Central African Republic; 4 cases in Gabon; 6 cases in Tanzania, Mayotte, Equatorial Guinea; 7 cases in Seychelles and Kenya; 9 cases in Togo, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast; 12 cases in Mauritius and Nigeria; 16 cases in Ghana; 17 in Rwanda; 18 in DRC; 27 in Cameroon; 28 in Reunion; 40 in Burkina Faso; 47 in Senegal; 54 in Tunisia; 86 in Morocco; 94 in Algeria; 202 in South Africa and 285 in Egypt

The total number of cases is now 1031