On September 10, 2015 we published an article in which we argued that Africa is the future (http://www.africanpoliticsandpolicy.com/?p=429).

We noted in fact that while the West is declining, to a large extent because of demographic factors (aging of society) and China may soon face the same fate, Africa has a young demographic profile. And this young demographic profile may become turn Africa into one of the most important economic engines of the 21st century.

We are happy to note that the African Union has finally reached the same conclusions, that it has finally realized how important is African youth for Africa’s prosperity, and it finally urged governments to invest more in young people. An investment that is destined to yield good returns because, as the African Union knows all to well 3 Africans out of 5 are below the age of 35.

While we are very happy to report that the African Union understands the economic importance of young Africans, we are even more happy to note that we understood this simple fact well before the African Union.

The fact that we are ahead of our times is the reason why African Politics and Policy is a publication worth reading.