If i do’t get some shelter, i am gonna fade away. That’s what the Rolling Stones were singing to bring the 1960s to a dramatic end, and that’s probably what rhinoceros think nowadays.

Hunted to the verge of extinction, rhinoceros survive only in national parks, where their existence should be protected by the rangers and by the personnel in charge of the security (of the parks, of the animals, and of the visitors).

It is clear now that rangers are not enough to protect the rhinos and the tourists.

Poachers entered the Thula Thula park, threatened tourists with the machine guns, raped one of them, and eventually went on butcher a rhino.

Poaching is a big problem and is becoming an even bigger problem. The existing anti-poaching measures are totally inadequate and governments in Africa, from South Africa  to Kenya, from Tanzania to Togo, should increase their efforts to fight poachers to protect the endangered species, to protect the parks, to protect the tourists and to safeguard a tourism sector that means so much for so many countries in the continent.


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