The  week brought a mixe bag of news.

May 6: sluggish growth, high unemployment, and rising inflation are paving the way for stagflation (; analysts realize that Africa’s well-being depends on the Nigerian and South African economic performance (; Kenyan medics and para-medics go bac on strike ( while the presidential election nears; Shell oil makes profits and plans massive investments in various countries including African ones (; South African students want more teachers and the eradication of infrastructures built with asbestos (;

May 7: President Mugabe claimed that Zimbabwe is most developed African country after South Africa, the data say otherwise (;

May 9: South Sudanese people protest against worsening economic conditions and the civil war that is tearing the country apart ( ), while terrorist attack kills six people in Mogadishu ( ) and Burundian refugees continue to flee their country and seek shelter in Rwanda ( Furthermore, while Kenya was devastated by torrential rains and floods (, Nigeria’s President had to go back to the United Kingdom to take care of his health ( );

May 10: in spite of a considerable amount of work to do, the Parliament of Zimbabwe is not terribly active (; Nigeria is still struggling against a meningitis outbreak, a vaccine against ebola was tested in Guinea (; people continue to di because of an unidentified disease in Liberia while Niger experience an outbreak of hepatitis ( ; the Togolese President visits Zambia (; Togolese politicians and commentators are not impressed by Macron’s victory (;

May 11: Cameroonian soldiers were arrested in Chad ( ; 16 Members of parliament left their respective parliamentary groups in Benin (; there was a typhoid outbreak in Zambia ( ; Mombasa (Kenya) was badly hurt by the floods ( ; President Zuma visits Tanzania (;

May 12: Kenyan customers take their money out of the banks in search of more profitable investments (; a Mauritian bank is trying to buy a stake in Kenya’s Chase Bank (, while Uganda’s Bank of Africa finally became profitable (;