May 13: tensions in South Sudan are increasing ( , the South Sudanese pound is depreciating (  and South Sudan’s troubles are hurting the economy of Uganda ( . An inclusive government is formed in Sudan ( , while the Democratic Republic of Congo reported an outbreak of Ebola ( In Tanzania the Mbinga County Bank will be liquidated ( , the government received 130 million US $ from World Bank to invest in Strategic Cities (  and is seeking additional funds from BRICS to develop a  railroad network (

May 15: China is building internet infrastructures in Africa (

May 17: media reported that Trans-Saharan routes  are used to smuggle people, weapons and drugs ( ; Addis Ababa hosts a African Regional Forum on Sustainable Development under the theme “Ensuring inclusive and sustainable growth and prosperity for all”  (,

May 18: in Ivory Coast, according to the media, the Army’s problems are not over (; in Nigeria, President Buhari’s health issues raise a lot of questions as to what may happen next (; in Congo-Kinshasa the (political) crisis seems to be worsening (; East Africa is increasingly concerned after Congo-Kinshasa reported some cases of Ebola (; in Rwanda a Presidential candidate plans to run in spite of the fact that her nude pics were leaked (; Somalia is experiencing, in no particular order, drought, terrorism, violence, piracy, and unemployment (; Malawi plans to take Tanzania to court over lake borders (, while experts start questioning whether the international community should continue to finance Zimbabwe, given its government record. The IMF reported that the economy in Zimbabwe is not doing well ( , while Nigeria is also being invaded by Army Worms (

May 21: African Politics and Policy is read in 154 countries.