“Love the Kids Foundation (LKF) is a Rwandan based not-for profit charity organization which was founded by a dedicated team of young people passionate about working tirelessly to transform the lives of children in need. Current team members of Love the Kids Foundation are Rwandans by nationality and some of them have experienced similar childhood hardships. In the summer of 2015
and after the law which closed all orphanages in Rwanda, the current leader, Jean Claude Muhire, who previously served as a volunteer in one orphanage pledged to continue to assist children in need. He called upon a team of committed people to create an NGO which can support less fortunate children. The team was pleased by his idea and they went through running an organization.
That’s how LKF was born. Love the Kids Foundation was created to support needy children whose basic human needs are yet to be met”

More information on LKF can be found by clicking here: LKF PROFILE

LKF needs help to help the kids. Let’s help LKF!