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Zimbabwe: your next tourism destination

To enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of to name just few places, Victoria Waterfall, Matobo Hills, the Hwange National Park, Mana…

Interview with Lamin Bojang

APP: When and how did you learn to differentiate the birds? How did your passion with birding start? And what…

Bird-watching in the Gambia

The Gambia is the birdwwatchers’ paradise as this video clearly teestifies. Video: Bird-watching and Wildlife in The Gambia   You…

Madagascar: your tourism destination

Two conservationists, Louse Jasper and Charlie Gardner, in collaboration with WWF, recently published the book Life amongst the Thorns (….

Nigeria: focus on eco-tourism

Earlier last month ( we noted how important for Nigeria high rates of economic growth to reduce poverty, and unfortunately…

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