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An Interview with Lamin Bojang

On March 19, 2016 African Politics and Policy published an interview with Lamin Bojang, founder of the Gunjur Village Museum….

In their own voices: conversations with African emerging leaders

We at African Politics and Policy are particularly proud to announce the publication of ‘In their own words‘ by Kristina…

Gunjur Village Museum: it’s officially open

The Gunjur Village Museum of our friend LaminĀ  Bojang was officially inaugurated on October 28, 2107. The oprning of gunjur…

Interview with Lamin Bojang

APP: When and how did you learn to differentiate the birds? How did your passion with birding start? And what…

Gunjur Village Museum: interview with Lamin Bojang

From January this year, African Politics and Policy decided to expand its focus. In addition to covering the news and…

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